The Blacklist is among the popular crime-thriller web series on Netflix. Starring many popular actors including Kurt Perez. The regular viewers of the series were shocked to see the ending of the 19th episode of season 9. The show paid tribute to Kurt Perez for being a part of the show. Kurt Perez Blacklist searches begin to take popularity after his uncertain death. The viewers keep searching on the web about Kurt Perez Blacklist to know about his death incident.

Kurt Perez Blacklist Death Incident

Kurt Perez 1972-2022 blacklist was given tribute in the recently released episode. As per the reports from the sources, he has faced a severe accident while driving through Taconic State Parkway in March 2022. His car hit a tree while driving on the way. The police got to know about the incident extremely late and found him dead after reaching the incident. He was 50 years old. The report states that the accident took place due to wet conditions of southbound lanes.


The character played by Perez was not so popular in the show, still the viewers got the craze to search for him by means of various tweets. It all happened because of the tribute at the end of the show. The episode ends by presenting “In memory of Kurt Perez” appearing on the screen.

Kurtz Perez Tribute from the blacklist

Makeup artist Dena Olivieri shared a video on Instagram mentioning images of the crew members. The crew was found celebrating the end of the ninth season. There was not much information about Kurtz available on the web. But still the crew attributed him by showing his presence on the video.

Previous contribution by the Blacklist:

Tributing to actors who have been a part of the blacklist. It has been good practice by the makers. They respect the artist for their work not for their duration and popularity. Before Kurt Perez from blacklist, Clark Middleton was given tribute at the end of the sixth episode in season 8. Middleton was found playing the role of DMV employee in the show. He passed away at the age of 63 because of infection from the Nile Virus. Jon Bokenkamp has given a statement that Middleman was a good friend of his over some years and used to meet casually in press events and hang outs. Tribute was also given to Brian Dennehy under some special episode in 2020. He was part of the show in season 3. His role appeared on around ninth episodes in the web series. He too had a cameo in season 7.


1. How did Kurt Perez the blacklist died?

Kurtz Perez died due to a car accident which took place due to wet road accident. The incident took place while driving through Taconic State Parkway in March 2022.

2. Who is Kurt Perez?

Kurt Preez was a crew member of the Blacklist, which is a crime thriller series on Netflix. He passed away this year, He was found playing a small role in the show. For these reasons, the makers pay tribute to him by showing his name at the end of the episode.

3. Who is responsible for Car accident of Kurt Perez?

The car collided with a tree while driving through the wet roads of Taconic State Parkway. The car did not hit any heavy vehicle or injured any third person. It is all due to a mistake committed by Kurt while driving along the way.

Final words

The news on death of any popular celebrity fires up the internet and news channels through a huge social discussion. But, giving tribute to artists even for small roles is something no one does. All artists working on the web series must be given respect even for their small or large roles. The Blacklist proved to be a kind web series which tributed not only to Kurt Perez but also to many other artists for their contribution of playing roles in the web series.

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