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Brook Taube is a prominent name in the finance industry, particularly in the world of investment management. As the co-founder and CEO of Medley Management Inc., he has played a pivotal role in shaping the company’s success and growth. With over two decades of experience in finance, Taube has established himself as a respected figure in the industry.

Brook Taube Early Life and Education 

Brook Taube, the co-founder and CEO of Medley Management Inc., is a finance professional with extensive experience in the investment industry. Taube has been involved in various aspects of the financial services sector, including investment management, private equity, and corporate finance. 

He is known for his strategic vision and leadership skills, which have helped Medley Management grow into a successful investment firm. In addition to his work at Medley, Taube is also involved in philanthropic activities and serves on the board of several organizations.

Who Is Brook Taube 

Brook Taube helped start a company called Medley Management, which manages a lot of money for people, about $2.9 billion worth. But now, he’s in trouble. The government told him and his friends that they had broken some rules about how they handle money. This could hurt their business and make people think less of them.

Who Is Brook B. Taube?

Brook B. Taube has created billion-dollar companies and helped take two of them public on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). He began his career in banking with Bankers Trust in the early 1990s and has since spent most of the last 25 years starting and growing successful financial institutions. 

These groups have invested in over 500 other businesses in North America, which has led to the creation of new businesses and thousands of jobs in more than 35 different fields. Additionally, he has trained many people who now work at top Wall Street firms.

What is a Wells Notice?

When someone or a company gets a Wells Notice, it means the SEC’s Enforcement Division is suggesting the SEC take legal action against them for breaking securities laws. This notice lets the recipient argue against the charges and try to get the SEC to change or drop them.

However, getting a Wells Notice doesn’t mean the SEC is the person or company is guilty. It’s just a serious warning that they need to prepare for a legal fight.

Why Did Brook Taube Receive a Wells Notice?

According to Medley Management’s filings, Brook Taube, along with Medley Management, Medley LLC, and six pre-IPO owners of Medley, who are current or former officers of the company, including Taube and his twin brother Seth, received a Wells notice from the SEC. 

The notice suggests that they may have broken securities laws by not accurately reporting the assets they managed, which were disclosed in the company’s IPO registration statement. 

In simpler terms, the SEC suspects that Taube and his partners may have exaggerated the amount of assets they managed, misled investors about their performance and potential, and not provided important information about their company.

Consequences of Receiving a Wells Notice

Receiving a Wells Notice can be bad for someone’s reputation, career, and money. For example, it can lead to:

  • Losing the trust of investors, clients, and partners.
  • Missing out on business deals and contracts.
  • Having trouble getting money or loans.
  • Losing licenses or certifications needed for work.
  • Losing income and things you own.
  • Having to pay for lawyers and fines.
  • Being charged with a crime and going to jail.

In Brook Taube’s case, getting a Wells Notice has already caused problems. For example, he quit as a director of Sierra Income Corporation, a company managed by Medley. His brother Seth, who is also the co-CEO of Medley Management and the CEO and director of Sierra Income, also quit. The stock price of Medley Management fell a lot from $3.50 per share in 2015 to $0.07 per share in 2021. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the SEC’s investigation, Medley Management and some of its related companies filed for bankruptcy in February 2021.

Career Of Brook Taube

Brook Taube’s career in finance began at Goldman Sachs, where he worked as an investment banker, gaining valuable experience in corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions. He then moved on to work at DLJ Merchant Banking Partners, a private equity firm, focusing on making investments in the financial services sector.

In 2006, Brook Taube co-founded Medley Management Inc. with Seth Taube (no relation), who serves as the company’s President. Medley Management is an alternative asset management firm specializing in credit strategies. The company manages various investment vehicles, including private funds and publicly traded vehicles.

As CEO of Medley Management, Brook Taube has been instrumental in driving the company’s growth and success. He has overseen the expansion of the company’s investment offerings and has played a key role in building relationships with investors and clients.

In addition to his work at Medley Management, Brook Taube is also involved in philanthropic activities. He serves on the board of several organizations, including the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research and the Taube Philanthropies.


In conclusion, Brook Taube’s career in finance spans over two decades and includes notable achievements such as co-founding billion-dollar companies and contributing to job creation. However, recent challenges, including a Wells Notice from the SEC, may present hurdles. Despite this, Taube’s contributions to the financial industry and philanthropic endeavors remain noteworthy.

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